Each text is different and has to meet a specific purpose. My customer-centric approaches guarantee that your message from English or French to German hits home.

What’s your goal?

Adapting words to a target audience = transcreation

Your objective is to create an emotional response in your German target group. You’re not seeking a literal translation, but one that speaks to your target group in a way that they understand.

Transcreation’s ideal for all texts seeking to trigger certain emotions, or convey calls to action, such as website texts, blog articles, press releases, newsletters, presentations, slogans etc.

When working on transcreations, I draw on my intercultural expertise of various markets and marketing strategies. Instead of a literal translation, I come up with a new, impactful text based on the original for your German target group.

Conveying information = translating

Getting information across to your German target group is your top priority. Therefore, the translation’s based on the original English or French text and tweaked to suit the German target group.

Translations are ideal for reports, safety regulations and quality management manuals, for example.

When translating, I make sure that the information is easy to understand in German.

Getting machine translations checked = post-editing

You have a machine-translated text (e.g. via DeepL, Google Translate) and need someone to fish out errors a human wouldn’t make?

As a post-editor, I will edit and fix machine-translated texts.

The mother-tongue principle

Only a native speaker can create a natural-sounding, fluent text. Which is why I only translate and transcreate from English and French into German and edit texts in German.

Two heads are better than one

Two pairs of eyes spot more than one. Which is why a colleague will proofread my translations and transcreations if you wish.

Added value

I can use my WordPress content-management and SEO-translation expertise to make your project a success.

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Behind the scenes

Two translators tell us why their profession requires more than just a good dictionary.

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