The deadline for that presentation/publication/submission is imminent. You’re snowed under, but want a language expert to give your project those finishing touches.

I’ll revise your texts, spot and correct spelling mistakes, check wording for target-group relevance and ensure the message is consistent throughout. Because two pairs of eyes spot more than one.

What service would you like?

Proofreading: Correcting spelling and grammar

This is also referred to colloquially as proofing. In this case, the focus lies on linguistic corrections. While proofreading, I check your text for:

  • Grammar and syntax
  • Spelling and punctation
  • Adherence to the layout
  • Minor linguistic and stylistic inconsistencies

Editing: Reviewing texts in terms of wording, content and subject-related accuracy

Editing involves an extensive scrutiny of the text. I review and correct your text with regard to:

  • Grammar and syntax
  • Spelling and punctation
  • Adherence to the layout
  • Readability
  • Style (do the choice of words and sentence structure meet target-group expectations? Is the text creative enough for the customers? In an academic context, does the text reflect the readers’ level of expertise, or is it too simple/difficult?)
  • Consistency (does the text have a logical structure?)

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