About me

It’s all in my (sur)name

“See” means sea in German and “Bote” messenger, so quite literally, I’m an overseas messenger. My ancestors were explorers who braved the elements, robbers and pirates to fulfil their mission. Today, I deliver my messages from the safety of my own desk! But here, too, challenges await. As a navigator between different languages and target groups, my job is to avoid social and cultural slip-ups. I reflect emotions in a language, approach the viewpoint of my customers’ target group and detect linguistic and technical inconsistencies.

University courses

I always found languages interesting. While studying translation at the University of Hildesheim, I discovered how languages function in different cultures. I learnt how they influence the way we think and act and how to put words and content from one language to another across. I boosted this expertise thanks to my German-French master’s in Intercultural European Studies (at the University of Regensburg and Université Blaise Pascal) and intercultural communications skills.

Well-connected in Hanover and the world over

Hanover has been my base since autumn 2018. I belong to a co-working space called Hafven in Hanover and am a co-founder of HFF, a platform for female freelance members at Hafven. Due to my periods studying and working abroad, I also have good contacts in France, Belgium and Canada. As a result, I can get colleagues with the appropriate expertise on board if required.

Einheimische Flores Indonesien

Empathetic & with an inquiring mind

I have an inquiring mind and travelling’s my passion. I like observing how people in other cultures live and understanding what makes them tick. Language is the door-opener to engaging with other people. However, to gain an insight into people’s personalities, two other characteristics are essential: my ability to listen and put myself in their position. And I do the same for my customers by taking the time to understand their brief and target-group message.

And by the way, you can find more information about my travels on my blog www.rucksackjournal.com (only in German).

Would you like to find out more?

I would be happy to send my CV and references on request.