Words to drive the message home

Welcome to Seebothin,
a translation and copywriting agency in Hanover

Want target groups to understand your message perfectly?
Then you’ve come to the right place. I have an M.A. in Intercultural European Studies, so languages and copywriting are my calling.

The services I offer:

Translation & transcreation

I translate content from English/French into German and, on request, make it SEO compliant too

Editing & proofreading

I check and correct your German texts’ spelling, grammar & content


I create fresh, contemporary texts for you in German


German | English | French

Types of text

Blog articles | websites | brochures | press releases | reports | newsletters | product information…

Areas of expertise

Marketing | corporate communication

Language is the key to engaging with others. Communicating in a language requires a great deal of sensitivity and empathy. Because the impact of words can differ depending on context. Which is why my job is to recognise linguistic nuances and put myself in the readers’ shoes

Claudia SeebotheTranslator and copywriter | Picture on the right: Claudia Seebothe talking to locals on Flores, Indonesia.
Reisen Sprache
Reisen Gipfel

Claudia Seebothe: Language expert and globetrotter

To me, crafting a text is like embarking on a journey. Whether I’m translating, or writing a text from scratch, research is a must. It’s all about asking why topics are interesting. Or what words and expressions are typically used in German.

Once this information’s in my backpack, the actual journey can start. I develop and discard ideas, pick sentences apart and reshuffle them, conduct research, liaise with customers and ensure the direction of travel is the right one.

When the finished result’s fit for purpose and appeals to the customer, it’s like reaching the summit of a mountain.